About Twilight Media & Design

OldArms_WideThe idea behind Twilight Media & Design is, well, a simple one: keep things simple. We know that when you're running a small business, you don't have the time or money to waste on bells and whistles that you simply do not need. By the same token, you need every penny you spend to count. How do we know? Because we're a small business, too. Sure, we're professionals who have expertise as magazine editors and writers, broadcasters, technical writers, website designers, and marketers. But we're also entrepreneurs and small business owners who have dealt with the same issues that you face every day: tight budgets, long hours, customers who don't want to pay. So we know what you want: simple solutions that use every penny effectively.


What We Do

At Twilight Media & Design, we’re the media professionals who know how to present your ideas and your image for maximum result. We take a holistic approach, designing every element to complement the others and reinforce your position. From websites to business cards to office forms to menus to advertising for both print and broadcast outlets, we offer the services and quality you need for a fraction of what most giant agencies charge.


Where We Fit In


Your business cards, letterhead, and everything else you use to promote your business will need to change, too. Find out how we can help!

We’re not a big company, nor do we necessarily want to be. We fill a niche that has been passed up by more and more design firms: the small client who needs basic services. We believe that these small clients are just as important as our big clients, because with our help, those small clients will be our big clients some day.


Let Us Help You Shine

Put us on your team! Just drop us an email. We look forward to being a part of your future success.