Time to Update?
Around the country, the explosive growth of fax machines, cellular telephones, and electronic pagers has created a critical shortage of available telephone numbers within existing area codes. In response, telephone companies nationwide are introducing new area codes. This change can have a tremendous effect on your business. If your area code changes, the telephone number printed on every piece of material you have will be wrong. Business cards, letterhead, websites, sign, invoices, and every single business form you have will be outdated and inaccurate in an instant. You’ll have to change everything, or none of your current or potential customers will be able to reach you.

The Silver Lining

There is some good news in this apparent catastrophe, however. If you’ve been putting off a change in the way your business presents itself—your logo, your marketing positioner (“slogan”), or even the layout of your business forms—this is the perfect time to take that next step. You’re going to spend the money anyway; why not spend it in a way that increases your visibility and updates your business image?

Let Us Help

Talk to us about your business, and let us show you how we can integrate your various “representatives in the field” to magnify your message and enhance your impact. Whether you want to completely change your logo and positioner, or you simply want to make what you already have work better, we can help. To find out how, just contact us. After all, if you have to change, you might as well do it right.